The Circlefoot Ethos


Every living being belongs to an interconnected ecological system and each one of us has our part to contribute for today and tomorrow.


As humans, we live in community and therefore share a responsibility to treat one another with care, including our spaces and those with less than ourselves.


Like the Ohlone people who inhabited these lands, we will set limits to live in balance with nature and return any surplus to our ecosystem.

Our Team

Circlefoot has over 15 years of owner-operator experience caring for the South Bay ecosystem and every one of our passionate, forward-thinking team has a minimum of 3 years of experience with clients. We deeply care about our collective footprint and therefore have trained in and follow leading wellness practices in our respective areas of expertise.

Diego Torrelio

Founder & CEO
Diego J Torrelio, is a licensed Realtor, General Building and Landscape contractor, and Certified Arborist. He brings a pragmatic and creative approach to real estate and home improvement. His extensive expertise in these fields provides clients with a unique perspective, enabling creative problem-solving with custom tailored solutions. Diego’s dedication to professionalism and ethics ensures a seamless and trustworthy experience, making him a dependable choice for all your real estate and construction needs.

Katie Egolf

Katie is University of Oregon alumni.  Her studies and interests range from landscape architecture, plant biology, soil science and agro-ecology. Her goal is to design beautiful and functional homes and landscapes.
Restoring Homes, Landscapes and Communities

Circlefoot is the leading wellness landscaping and construction company that designs, builds, and manages homes, gardens, homesteads, and small farms in San Mateo and beyond.

Our team conducts Assessments, delivers Design Services, Project Management and General Contractor Services in an integrated manner.

From land use to consumer choices to industrial processing, every choice that is made has the potential to have longstanding impact to our society and environment.

Circlefoot’s imprint is a collaborative one – with our clients, partners, and interest groups who desire a transition to a more just and ecologically regenerative economy.

The Circlefoot Community
Video about Wellness Homes

“Aiming beyond the goal to do less harm, these pioneers are committed to proving that human activity can be a source of health and regeneration, rather than destruction and degradation”

– Regenesis

Licenses & Certifications

We are a Licensed Realtor, General & Landscape Contractor and

We hold the Water Efficient Landscaper and WaterSense certifications.

Partners, Certifications & Additional Resources

Our Partners

Our team is selected on a shared ethos of Earth Care, People Care and Surplus Share. Circlefoot follows the same principles when selecting partners and suppliers with whom to collaborate.

Some areas we’re always seeking like-minded partners:
• Architectural firms
• Construction firms
• Installation Firms
• Artisans
• Engineers
• Arborists
• Farmers
• Residential Services Suppliers
• Real Estate Investors

If we resonate with you, we’d love to hear from you.