EcoSystems: Harmonizing Efficiency and Sustainability

A home functions as a dynamic ecosystem

A home functions as a dynamic ecosystem, where many systems work (at least they should) to create a more healthy, efficient living space.

Smart home technology can regulate temperature, lighting, and irrigation, adapting to changing conditions and optimizing energy consumption.

These systems include:

Energy systems
  • Electrification
  • Off-grid living
  • Solar systems
Water systems
  • Tankless water heater
  • Greywater processing systems
  • Rainwater collection
Heating systems
  • Thermal
Air quality management
Biophilic systems
Lighting systems
Acoustic systems
Landscape systems

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Manage Your Ecosystem With Nature


We have trained landscape architects and arborists to plan your space to your goals and the broader ecology.


Land Planning & Land Management
Living System
Soil Management
Wildlife Habitats
Pest Management


7 Irrigation Systems
Rainwater Collection Systems
Grey water Collection Systems
10 Storm Water Management


11 Sun/Shade Planning
12 Windbreaks
13 Fire Abatement

Living Lightly and in Balance with Nature

Circlefoot follows the footsteps of those who lived and loved on these lands – to design, build and manage regenerative outdoor and indoor spaces for the health and wellness of people and place.

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